ETHIC Intelligence certifies ISO 37001

With more than 10 years of experience in anti-bribery, ETHIC Intelligence was the first agency to develop an anti-corruption compliance certification based on international guidelines and has certified major global companies worldwide. Recognized for its international expertise, ETHIC Intelligence played a significant role in the development of both the ISO 19600 standard and the ISO 37001 standard by being an active member of the drafting committees.

The ISO 37001 certification by ETHIC Intelligence is a process tailored to each organization, its business model and its bribery risk. The on-site audit is performed by accredited auditors specialized in anti-bribery. Order the ISO 37001 standard with -10% by using thePROMO CODE : ETHIC10

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ETHIC Intelligence provides assurance of the quality and effectiveness of company anti-corruption management programs.

Since 2006 we’ve been certifying corporate anti-corruption compliance programs, helping companies to strengthen and promote their efforts to prevent corruption.

Our story

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How we became ETHIC Intelligence

ETHIC Intelligence was founded by Philippe Montigny in 2001 and has been certifying company anti-corruption compliance programs since 2006. Mr. Montigny developed solid expertise in anti-corruption compliance issues as member of the Office of the Secretary-General of the OECD, when he participated in the ...

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Our approach

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How we view anti-corruption compliance issues

ETHIC Intelligence’s private sector approach to certifying companies’ compliance programs is based on its understanding of anti-corruption compliance issues from both a regulatory and business standpoint. Compliance officers, legal directors, risk directors and others involved in ...

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Our people

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Our team of specialists in anti-corruption compliance

ETHIC Intelligence’s team is composed of various educational and professional backgrounds (including political science, law, international relations and philosophy) and spans several nationalities. Because ETHIC Intelligence is specialized in anti-corruption and anti-bribery compliance, ...

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