ETHIC Intelligence hosts its third annual international conference
on corruption prevention Standards and Guidelines

OECD Conference Centre, Paris - Monday, September 10, 2018

ETHIC Intelligence is very pleased to host its third annual international conference on Standards and Guidelines in corruption prevention on September 10, 2018 at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris. Click below to view photos and videos from last year’s event where experts from business, civil society and government exchanged and debated issues related to the fight against corruption.

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Our approach

ETHIC Intelligence’s private sector approach to certifying companies’ compliance programs is based on its understanding of anti-corruption compliance issues from both a regulatory and business standpoint. Compliance officers, legal directors, risk directors and others involved in anti-corruption compliance within companies must grapple with an ever more stringent regulatory context but also with the day-to-day realities of their employees in the field. Extortion solicitations, bribes paid by competitors and subsidiaries in countries where ‘bribing is the norm’ are only a few of the thorny situations faced by companies that must also answer to the tough legal requirements imposed by their home countries.   We offer companies concrete solutions for the concrete compliance problems they face, particularly when operating in complex environments. We believe that, despite tough business and regulatory environments, it is not only possible but also rewarding to dramatically reduce the incidence of bribery and related corruption risk within companies, even in difficult countries.
Tags : business imperatives, certifying company compliance programs, dealing with extortion, bribes

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