ETHIC Intelligence certifies ISO 37001

With more than 10 years of experience in anti-bribery, ETHIC Intelligence was the first agency to develop an anti-corruption compliance certification based on international guidelines and has certified major global companies worldwide. Recognized for its international expertise, ETHIC Intelligence played a significant role in the development of both the ISO 19600 standard and the ISO 37001 standard by being an active member of the drafting committees.

The ISO 37001 certification by ETHIC Intelligence is a process tailored to each organization, its business model and its bribery risk. The on-site audit is performed by accredited auditors specialized in anti-bribery. Order the ISO 37001 standard with -10% by using thePROMO CODE : ETHIC10

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Anti-corruption compliance training


In-company training sessions

ETHIC Intelligence regularly carries out training sessions specific to anti-corruption compliance. On-site, in-company training sessions are held worldwide, in English or in French. ETHIC Intelligence’s extensive knowledge of international regulatory environments allows trainers to address local laws and specificities. Training sessions are tailored to company specificities and to the type of participants (executive committees, boards of directors, country managers, compliance officers, legal, audit, etc.). Companies may request training session topics specific to their needs. ETHIC Intelligence trainers have solid experience in training even the toughest audiences, such as executive committee members and country managers operating in very difficult countries. ETHIC Intelligence training courses have, time and again, received highly positive evaluations from trainees and organizers.

The following topics have been covered in past training sessions:

  • Understanding and evaluating the risk of corruption (including national anti-corruption regulatory frameworks, worldwide)
  • Tools and strategies to prevent corruption
  • Crisis management during corruption allegations or accusations
  • Managing third party risks (including sales agent policies)
  • Private corruption: legal implications and preventative measures
  • Whistleblowing
  • Gifts, entertainment, corporate sponsorship and donations policies
  • Anti-corruption due diligence for mergers and acquisitions

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Cross-company training sessions


Cross-company training sessions on various anti-corruption compliance topics are held regularly in Paris, France (in French). Click here for more information.

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