ETHIC Intelligence hosts its third annual international conference
on corruption prevention Standards and Guidelines

OECD Conference Centre, Paris - Monday, September 10, 2018

ETHIC Intelligence is very pleased to host its third annual international conference on Standards and Guidelines in corruption prevention on September 10, 2018 at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris. Click below to view photos and videos from last year’s event where experts from business, civil society and government exchanged and debated issues related to the fight against corruption.

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Certain national jurisdictions oblige companies to take on externally-appointed monitors in addition to sanctions for anti-corruption law violations. Monitors are proposed by companies under investigation and appointed by judicial authorities to review company compliance programs and ensure their effective implementation. Such tasks include assessing the structure of compliance programs, the quality of anti-corruption reference texts (codes of conduct, ethics charters, etc.), the deployment of anti-corruption compliance training, the effectiveness of anti-corruption procedures and the quality of anti-corruption controls and audits. Monitors report to authorities on a regular basis on the improvement of company anti-corruption compliance programs.   From a company perspective, a successful monitoring experience is one which has the least amount of unnecessary impact on business activities. This depends on the monitor’s capacity to understand the company’s specificities and develop an anti-corruption program tailored to it.  

Monitors must have sound knowledge not only of regulatory frameworks and best practices, but also of how business organizations function. ETHIC Intelligence certification committee members have the experience and expertise necessary to serve as monitors. By reviewing certification files of best-in-class companies, committee members are kept continually up to date on the most cost-effective and efficient compliance best practices internationally.*  American, British and Italian authorities have already appointed members of our committee for monitorship and investigations. * Committee members serving or having served as monitor for a company cannot participate in any way in the certification of that company’s anti-corruption compliance program.

To study certification committee members for monitoring services, contact us or contact certification committee members directly (click here to view certification committee profiles and contacts).  

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