ETHIC Intelligence hosts second annual international conference
on corruption prevention Standards and Guidelines

OECD Conference center, Paris, Monday September 11, 2017

ETHIC Intelligence is very pleased to host its second annual international conference on Standards and Guidlines: Recent developments in Anti-Corruption Compliance, September 11, 2017 at the OECD conference centre in Paris. Join experts from business, civil society and government for a day of presentations, exchanges, updates and debate on how to progress in the fight against corruption worldwide!

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certificates awarded

This section provides a list of certificates during their period of validity. Ongoing certification processes or companies having failed to obtain certificates are not listed.

Certificate types

Anti-corruption Compliance System Certificate (for both the design and implementation of compliance programs) attest that a company has appropriately assessed its specific corruption risks and that it has developed and adequately enforces an anti-corruption compliance program adapted to these risks.

Anti-corruption Compliance Program Certificate (for the design of compliance programs, exclusive of their implementation) attest that a company has designed a compliance program appropriate to its specific corruption risks.

ISO 37001 Certification by ETHIC Intelligence With expertise in both anti-corruption compliance and the ISO 37001 standard on anti-bribery management systems, we offer a comprehensive and tailored ISO 37001 certification for every type of organization: SMEs, NGOs, multi-nationals and or their subsidiaries.

ETHIC Intelligence Certification ISO Inside ETHIC Intelligence Certification ISO Inside The traditional two-tiered ETHIC Intelligence certification process involving both an onsite audit as well as an independent review by members of the ETHIC Intelligence Certification Committee.

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