ETHIC Intelligence hosts its third annual international conference
on corruption prevention Standards and Guidelines

OECD Conference Centre, Paris - Monday, September 10, 2018

ETHIC Intelligence is very pleased to host its third annual international conference on Standards and Guidelines in corruption prevention on September 10, 2018 at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris. Click below to view photos and videos from last year’s event where experts from business, civil society and government exchanged and debated issues related to the fight against corruption.

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Philippe Montigny

President of the ETHIC Intelligence Certification Committee


Philippe Montigny is CEO of ETHIC Intelligence and Chairman of the ETHIC Intelligence Certification Committee. With over 15 years’ experience working on anti-corruption compliance issues, Philippe has developed solid expertise in the area from both a regulatory and business perspective.


After several years of working within the French Ministry of Industry in the 1980s, Philippe first became acquainted with anti-corruption compliance as a member of the Office of the Secretary-General of the OECD where he was involved in the ministerial negotiations that led to the OECD Anti-corruption Convention. He became particularly interested in the practical implications of anti-corruption legislation on companies’ day-to-day operations and the concrete steps companies could take to comply with such regulation.


In 1998 – shortly after his experience at the OECD – he co-founded International Development & Strategies, a consultancy devoted to monitoring commercial development in African and Middle-Eastern countries. As Executive Director, he advised companies on anti-corruption compliance programs and strategies to resist extortion, developing extensive knowledge of the concrete, operational difficulties that companies face in this area – particularly when doing business in complex environments.


After having witnessed companies’ considerable efforts to comply with anti-corruption legislation despite difficult contexts (including extortion solicitations and loss of markets to unfair competitors), Philippe sought ways to promote the important investment companies were making towards anti-corruption compliance. He developed certification as a way to transform the costs of compliance into an investment not only in terms of reducing corruption risk, but also of communicating positively and credibly on compliance efforts. ETHIC Intelligence, a consultancy specialized entirely on anti-corruption compliance, thus became a certification agency in 2006 and has since certified company compliance programs internationally.


Philippe is not a stranger to facing risks and taking on new challenges. As a field officer for the UNHCR in Bosnia in 1993, he negotiated transfers of refugees with Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian officials on the frontlines while ensuring that ceasefires were respected and that roads used were free from anti-personnel mines. His determination to face challenges was reinforced by 20 years of mountain climbing and alpine expeditions including on Lenin Peak, Himalayas (7134m) in 1991.


Given the difficult environments they often face, developing and effectively implementing quality compliance programs can be quite a challenge for companies. Philippe is convinced that it is not only possible to take on this challenge, but that it is also, and most importantly, beneficial in terms of business.



Philippe Montigny is author of Lentreprise face à la corruption internationale (French only)  and Resisting extortion solicitations in tax and customs matters. He is also President of the anti-corruption commission of the French Council of Foreign Investors in Africa (CIAN) and member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. He lectures at the University of Cergy Pontoise Law School.


Tags : practical implications of anti-corruption legislation, resisting extortion, beneficial for business

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