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With more than 10 years of experience in anti-bribery, ETHIC Intelligence was the first agency to develop an anti-corruption compliance certification based on international guidelines and has certified major global companies worldwide. Recognized for its international expertise, ETHIC Intelligence played a significant role in the development of both the ISO 19600 standard and the ISO 37001 standard by being an active member of the drafting committees.

The ISO 37001 certification by ETHIC Intelligence is a process tailored to each organization, its business model and its bribery risk. The on-site audit is performed by accredited auditors specialized in anti-bribery. Order the ISO 37001 standard with -10% by using thePROMO CODE : ETHIC10

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How to identify best practices in anti-corruption compliance

How to identify best practices in anti-corruption compliance

Ensuring that a compliance program is based on international best practices is the daily task of every compliance officer. But because those who want to engage in – despite compliance directives – corrupt activities use their imagination not only to bypass rules but also to create new methods of corruption, international best practices to prevent misconduct are constantly evolving. How then should the best practices be identified?

The first step is to detect new compliance challenges that arise from operations in the field. It’s where the expertise from someone like Richard Bistrong who has decades of experience in international business on every continent is so useful. And it is the reason why we invited him to address our yearly “Excellence in Compliance Day” in London. We heard the most important message from Richard: to be efficient a compliance system cannot only be a top down exercise, it must be a bottom up process “It is also important to work with sales teams on the ground to find solutions that can be implemented at a strategic level. Developing a longer term marketing strategy, etc. in a high-risk market can provide sales teams with the added value necessary to win bids and business over the long-term without resorting to bribery.”

The second step is to exchange experiences and to remain open minded. Compliance is not rocket science, it is a very humble discipline based on trial and error. This is clearly illustrated by Marjolein Demmers, Group Compliance Officer, Royal HaskoningDHV, in her article summarizing her takeaways from the “Exellence in Compliance Day”: “I am really looking forward to sharing practical experiences and ideas. How do others deal with similar issues? What can I learn, and what might be helpful to others?”

The ETHIC Intelligence certification of a compliance system is also a way to measure a compliance program through the evaluation of external auditors on the one hand and the recommendations of international lawyers on the other. Pedro Montoya, Group Ethics & Compliance Officer, Airbus Group, believes that certification is first and foremost a useful tool for strengthening the Airbus Anti-corruption program: “Ethics and Compliance, as we know, is a journey of continuous improvement. We were pleased to be certified but even more pleased to have received recommendations to further strengthen our program.”

It should be noted that the last G20/B20 Anti-corruption working meeting echoed this approach of “experience sharing”. International experts, from both the public and private sectors gathered in Rome in June to address collectively “new areas of work and innovative solutions to the challenges of anti-corruption issues”. Stefano Mongini, Co-Chair of the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group pointed out that one of the benefits of this meeting was that “We have learned the value of having fora where countries can exchange experiences and strategies and take advice on how best to upgrade their anti-corruption systems and help their companies be part of the solution”.

Excellence in Anti-corruption Compliance, the ETHIC Intelligence motto, means nothing more than the constant attempt to stay abreast of emerging compliance issues and to identify, collectively, best practices.



-Philippe Montigny is the President of Ethic Intelligence


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