ETHIC Intelligence hosts its third annual international conference
on corruption prevention Standards and Guidelines

OECD Conference Centre, Paris - Monday, September 10, 2018

ETHIC Intelligence is very pleased to host its third annual international conference on Standards and Guidelines in corruption prevention on September 10, 2018 at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris. Click below to view photos and videos from last year’s event where experts from business, civil society and government exchanged and debated issues related to the fight against corruption.

Click here for photos and videos

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ETHIC Intelligence week long training session on ISO 19600 and ISO 37001 February 2017ETHIC Intelligence week long training session on ISO 19600 and ISO 37001 : Experts from all over the world discuss the added value. ETHIC Intelligence, ISO 37001 Certification
Philippe Montigny discusses the ISO 37001 with Christian Dargham of Norton Rose Fulbright in Paris February 2017 Christian Dargham, partner with Norton Rose Fulbright in Paris, explains why he considers the ISO 37001 an important development in corruption prevention and why he decided to collaborate with ETHIC Intelligence by hosting the first event in the French capital. ETHIC Intelligence, ISO 37001 Certification
ETHIC Intelligence offers training on ISO 19600 and ISO 37001 Anti-bribery Management Systems February 2017 ETHIC Intelligence training is designed for both corporate compliance officers and auditors for a thorough understanding of the implications and requirements of the two standards. ETHIC Intelligence, ISO 37001 Certification
Robertson Park, shareholder with Murphy & McGonigle in Washington, DC, talks about the advantages of an ISO 37001 Certification December 2016 An ISO 37001 Certification is considered as a pretty clear indication that a company has taken its compliance responsibility seriously. ETHIC Intelligence, ISO 37001 Certification
Robertson Park, shareholder with Murphy & McGonigle in Washington, DC,  speaks at the 10th annual breakfast on developments in anti-corruption compliance December 2016 ETHIC Intelligence was very pleased to welcome Robertson Park, shareholder at Murphy & McGonigle, to its 10th annual breakfast on developments in anti-corruption compliance. ETHIC Intelligence,Robertson Park
Faizal Latheef: partner at Kochhar & Co. comments on UAE anti-corruption November 2016 Faizal Latheef shares his views on the current climate in the UAE with respect to anti-corruption compliance ETHIC Intelligence, Faizal Latheef
Standards and Guidelines Conference at the OECD Conference center October 2016 To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the ETHIC Intelligence certification activity as well as the imminent publication of the ISO Standard 37001 on Anti-bribery management systems, compliance and legal professionals from every sector gathered to listen to a panel of experts speaking of recent developments in anti-corruption compliance. ETHIC Intelligence, OECD
ISO 37001 Standard: Philippe Montigny, President, ETHIC Intelligence,  shares his opinion October 2016 Philippe Montigny talks about the new ISO 37001 standard on anti-bribery management systems. ETHIC Intelligence
Excellence in Compliance Day 2016 with Philippe Montigny, President, ETHIC Intelligence October 2016 Every year we organize the Excellence in Compliance Day. It’s a day where we invite the chief compliance officers of certified companies and the lawyers of our certification committee to get together and discuss emerging issues. ETHIC Intelligence
Excellence in Compliance Day 2016 with Toby Duthie, co-founder, Forensic Risk Alliance September 2016 One of the things unquestionably about certification is that it helps companies get the essence of how they compare to best practice standards and what they need to do in order to achieve a system which can help protect them in an aggressive enforcement environment ETHIC Intelligence
Excellence in compliance Day 2016: Mariana Tavares de Araujo, lawyer, Levy & Salomão, Rio de Janeiro shared her point of view! September 2016 From a practical perspective, going through the certification process is also critical to ensure that your policies comply with multiple rules and places and with that to mitigate your risk and distinguish yourself from your competitors! ETHIC Intelligence
Excellence in Compliance Day 2016 at OECD with Hans-Hermann Aldenhoff, partner, Simmons & Simmons, Dusseldorf September 2016 Hans-Hermann Aldenhoff shared his views on certification: It’s ultimately a good thing to carry out the certification process. It will not avoid all the problems that you might be facing as an organization but it clearly mitigates the risks that come with those problems. ETHIC Intelligence
How does ETHIC Intelligence Certification contribute to corruption prevention worldwide? March 2016 10 years of certified corporate anti-corruption: Experts from around the world explain that companies which get certified have the guarantee that their program meets best practices ETHIC Intelligence
How can ETHIC Intelligence Certification help companies operating in Brazil? March 2016 Domingos Paiva, Attorney at Law, PAIVA Partners : Companies in Brazil understand that they need strong and serious compliance programs. They understand the need for robust and serious anti-bribery and compliance programs! Ethic intelligence
ETHIC Intelligence: 10 years of certifying excellence in anti-corruption compliance March 2016 ETHIC Intelligence celebrating the 10th anniversary of its anti-corruption certification activity! ETHIC Intelligence
ETHIC Intelligence 10 th anniversary cocktail: Concert Movie March 2016 ETHIC Intelligence is celebrating 10 years in the anti-corruption certifying activity with the Planet Consort concert. ETHIC Intelligence
Ethic Intelligence Certification: Assess, improve and certify corporate compliance programs. March 2016 Ethic Intelligence Certification is based on the same principles that are used to minimize workplace accidents. ETHIC Intelligence
Corruption risks in the supply chain and the challenges posed by these risks. February 2016 Anne Le Rolland, CEO, Acte International explains why ACTE International decided to ask for ETHIC Intelligence validation. ETHIC Intelligence
ETHIC Intelligence: the importance of certification on corporate compliance programs February 2016 Bruno Cova, partner, Paul Hastings, Milan  explains how certification strengthens corporate anti-corruption compliance programs ETHIC Intelligence
From behind the bribe: the sharp end of compliance September 2015 Richard Bistrong’s journey through the dark side of international business, getting caught and what it means for today’s compliance challenges. ETHIC Intelligence
OECD Trust and Business Project April 2015 Working with governments, business, and civil society, the TNB Project promotes a discussion about the effective integration of business integrity considerations into a company’s decision making. ETHIC Intelligence
Integrity Week 2015 at the OECD April 2015 Policy makers, businesses, civil society, academia and others identify new approaches to preventing corruption. ETHIC intelligence
Evaluation of a company compliance program in Anti Corruption March 2015 ETHIC Intelligence knows that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” anti-corruption compliance policy. ETHIC Intelligence
ETHIC Intelligence – Involvement of the anti corruption compliance certification March 2015 Anti-corruption compliance certification ETHIC Intelligence
Benefits from the certification of anti corruption compliance programs – ETHIC Intelligence March 2015 ETHIC Intelligence Anti-corruption certification provides support for internal communication and management, increases visibility of anti-corruption commitments and strengthens programs against evolving international best practices standards. ETHIC Intelligence
ETHIC Intelligence – Anti-Corruption Compliance Certification Agency March 2015 ETHIC Intelligence provides assurance of the quality and effectiveness of company anti-corruption management programs. ETHIC Intelligence, ETHIC Intelligence
ETHIC Intelligence – Anti Corruption Certification: A two step process March 2015 The process of obtaining an ETHIC Intelligence certificate is straightforward and adheres to the following simple steps ETHIC Intelligence, ETHIC Intelligence

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