Anti-Corruption Certification

To get certified

ETHIC Intelligence is committed to offering its client organizations the highest level of expertise in anti-corruption compliance

At the forefront of anti-corruption compliance best practices

ETHIC Intelligence compliance analysts perform constant monitoring of the anti-corruption landscape, to ensure that staff and certified auditors stay informed of legal trends, case law and best practices.
The agency’s certified auditors, while selected for their demonstrated experience in anti-corruption, are required to attend a yearly seminar; one in which ETHIC Intelligence presents them with recent developments in the fight against corruption and international jurisprudence.

Championing professional dialogue on anti-corruption compliance

The Experts’ Corner of the ETHIC Intelligence website enables consultants, lawyers and compliance officers to share their research, achievements and best practices.
Agency staff and ETHIC Intelligence certified auditors are regularly invited to speak at national and international anti-corruption conferences.
The agency’s annual International Conference on “Standards and Guidelines in Anti-Corruption Compliance”, provides a global platform for professionals to exchange on anti-corruption trends and certification best practices.

Our added value
A recognised expertise which allows every audited organization to demonstrate that its anti-corruption compliance program meets international best practices.

Providing highly qualified auditors to demanding organizations

Every organization is unique and the corruption challenges it experiences are different.
ETHIC Intelligence expertise allows audited organizations to benefit from highly qualified auditors who understand anti-corruption challenges and are able to respond to the company’s benchmarking expectations in line with compliance best practices.