Anti-Corruption Certification

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ETHIC Intelligence: a commitment to impartiality

As a certification agency providing benchmarking and certification services, ETHIC intelligence attaches the utmost importance to impartiality in its evaluations.

A strict policy to prevent conflicts of interest

To preclude any undue influence in its certification process, ETHIC Intelligence does not provide any consulting services on compliance programs and management systems.

Certified auditors’ impartiality with an organization is ensured by a rigorous protocol.

  • Prior to every audit, auditors are required to sign a document declaring the absence of conflict of interest
  • Names are communicated to the applicant organization so that it may confirm the auditors’ impartiality
  • The organization is informed of an alert line which allows anyone to report a suspected conflict of interest
Our added value
Strict audit protocols guarantee impartiality in benchmarking and certification.

A guarantee of independence from the auditors

ETHIC Intelligence certified auditors carry out their evaluation with full independence and are required to support their conclusions with an in-depth descriptive report to allow a third-party review.
Auditor’s conclusions can only be challenged if the evaluation methodology has not been respected.

Independent review of the audit reports

Audit reports are reviewed by an ETHIC Intelligence Certification Committee.

To avoid any conflict of interest, Committee Members must not have provided any consulting activities to the organization before or during the audit process.

Committee Members are required to evaluate whether:

  • the benchmarking and certification processes have been scrupulously respected
  • the analysis is based on appropriate documented information
  • the conclusions are consistent with elements detailed in the descriptive part of the report.

Although audits can be conducted in local languages, the drafting of reports in English, coupled with ETHIC Intelligence’s demonstrated impartiality, can serve organizations' interests when facing international courts and their relations with international partners.