Anti-Corruption Certification

To get certified

ETHIC Intelligence is committed to full transparency with respect to its benchmarking and certification activities, methodology and processes while maintaining full confidentiality of sensitive information.

For ISO audits, ETHIC Intelligence abides by the requirements of ISO/IEC 17021- 1: 2015 & ISO17021- 9: 2016 which apply to Agencies certifying the Anti-Bribery Management System Standard (ISO 37001:2016)

Transparency prior to any audit

ETHIC Intelligence staff helps organizations select the benchmarking or certification process which is best tailored to their structure, size, maturity and needs.

Before any certification audit, ETHIC Intelligence offers a free remote review of the organization’s anti-corruption compliance programme to ensure that a certification process has a reasonable chance of successful completion.

Transparency during the audit

The auditors’ names are communicated to the organization prior to the audit to confirm the lack of conflicts of interest.

The audited organization is informed that an alert line is open to disclose any suspicion of undue bias.

The auditor shares his/her main conclusions orally to the organization before drafting the audit report.

Our added value
Transparency and confidentiality is ensured by
  • Not communicating publicly on organizations under audit
  • Maintaining the utmost confidentiality of information gathered during the audit
  • Abiding by the requirements of ISO/IEC/17021.1: 2016 when providing information on certified organizations i.e.: name of the organization, perimeter of the certification and validity period
  • Communicating more proactively on awarded certificate if the organization wishes to do so.

Transparency on certification award

The Certification Committee or Technical Committee Members’ names are communicated to the organization.

Should a certification be denied, the organization will be informed of the reasons that led to this decision and of the requirements for re-examination.

Every organization is informed that a complaint process is available for them to challenge a Committee decision.