Anti-Corruption Certification

To get certified

ETHIC Intelligence abides by the highest standards of professionalism in audit practices.

Ensuring that benchmarking and certification brings value to organizations

Benchmarking and certification audits are not forensic but are an evaluation of a compliance system’s procedures.

Prior to any audit, ETHIC Intelligence examines an organization’s level of readiness for the achievement of certification to ensure the optimal use of resources.

ETHIC Intelligence might recommend that the organization perform an ETHIC Intelligence ISO 37001 Pre-AuditTM  or an ETHIC Intelligence ISO 37001 Readiness AssessmentTM before launching a certification process.

Our added value
A commitment to ensure that every organization is proud of its benchmarking and of its certification, as they represent a visible sign of excellence in anti-corruption compliance.

Keeping the organization’s needs in mind

To limit the disruptive nature of the audit and to yield the most profitable outputs, ETHIC Intelligence:

  • Carefully prepares the audit in conjunction with the organization
  • Informs the interviewees of what is expected from them to allow for a fruitful exchange
  • Meticulously selects auditors that understand the organization’s specificities
  • Presents major findings during a closing meeting to avoid misunderstandings

Throughout the process, the organization can file any complaints via a hotline or address them in the final quality survey.

Providing the highest level of quality in audit reporting

ETHIC Intelligence is particularly vigilant on the accuracy of its reports in the event organizations need to present them to either authorities or business partners.

Detailed reports attest that - at the time of the audit - an anti-corruption compliance program corresponding to international standards was implemented

To generate the most profitable certification, time allotted to document review, in-situ audit and report drafting is calculated specifically to address the organization’s structure and size.

If sufficient time and resources cannot be devoted by the organization, ETHIC Intelligence will refrain from engaging in a certification audit.