Anti-Corruption Certification

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Tools for certification - 20 March 2018

Get ready for certification

ETHIC Intelligence Pre-Certification Services™ help compliance officers ensure that their compliance program meets certification requirements

Through the ETHIC Intelligence ISO 37001 QuickStart™ service, our team of experts:

  • Develops a roadmap
  • Plan to guide your organization through the audit process

An interactive meeting which:

  • Walks organizations through the ISO 37001 standard step by step
  • Benchmarks the organization’s management system
  • Identifies potential gaps to be filled before certification

 A paper audit organized within the compliance department which helps organizations:

  • Examine the organization’s documented information
  • Assess its level of readiness for certification, prior to launching an in-situ audit at the operational level

A downloadable ETHIC Intelligence corruption risk- mapping handbook which uses the ETHIC Intelligence methodology to help organizations:

  • Fill-in a self-evaluation of their corruption risk

Tools for certification - 20 March 2018

What is the ETHIC Intelligence Readiness Assessment™? 

The ETHIC Intelligence Readiness Assessment™ is an interactive workshop designed to assess objectively how your organization's anti-bribery management system measures up against the requirements of the ISO 37001 Standard. ETHIC Intelligence experts will walk you through each requirement to see what controls and processes you have in place. Following the workshop, you will receive a scorecard and report outlining how your existing anti-bribery program measures up against ISO 37001.

As a management system standard, ISO 37001 requires that different parts of an organization be involved in designing, implementing, reviewing and improving the anti-bribery system; compliance but also operations, human resources, procurement, communications, legal, audit and finance all have a role to play, in one way or another.


  • An interactive workshop with Top Management starting with a briefing on ISO 37001 Starts with a training on the ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems Standard and determines the scope of the ETHIC Intelligence Readiness Assessment™
  • Participants are asked questions from a handbook prepared by ETHIC Intelligence specifically on the ISO 37001 to learn about existing anti-bribery controls, processes, and documentation 
  • Based on responses, a quantitative assessment is conducted to evaluate how the organization measures against each requirement
  • A report is delivered to your organization documenting findings for your management team’s review.The seminar necessitates the participation of all branches’ representatives involved in the anti-bribery management system as indicated above

The benefits of the ETHIC Intelligence Readiness Assessment™

The ETHIC Intelligence Readiness Assessment is ideal for organizations considering ISO 37001 certification, but which need reassurance on the implementation of their existing controls and processes, and the program areas requiring further development prior to undergoing an audit.

  • Receive an objective benchmarking of your organization’s anti-bribery program.
  • Scoring of each requirement helps your organization prepare for an ISO 37001 audit.
  • Use our report to develop a plan for further development of your anti-bribery program 

Presentation of the results and deliverables

At the end of the ETHIC Intelligence Readiness Assessment™ Seminar, the percentage of deployment is automatically transformed into a graphic indicating the level of achievement of the anti-bribery management system. A written report follows a week later. 

2019 Readiness Assessment graphic


Tools for certification - 20 March 2018

Why choose the ETHIC Intelligence ISO 37001 Management Briefing™?

Before getting certified against ISO 37001, it is important that you and your fellow stakeholders understand the requirements of the standard, and the business value of certification. Through the ETHIC Intelligence ISO 37001 Management Briefing™, our experts meet with your team to discuss the dangers and financial impact of bribery based on your business model, operations and existing compliance program. We then help you articulate the business value and specific benefits of proof through certification, so you can develop buy-in for certification across your organization.

How does it work?

1. Complete our preliminary Application Questionnaire so we can get a better idea of your organization, goals for certification, business model, and anti-bribery requirements

2. Discuss responses to the questionnaire with our team, so we can understand your organization’s view on ISO 37001, and what steps are needed to generate buy-in across stakeholders

3. Set a date and location for the Management Briefing

4. One of our experts meets with your team for a half-day session to cover the standard’s requirements, business value, and potential impact given the context of your organization

The benefits of the ETHIC Intelligence Management Briefing™

  • Through a half-day session with our experts, gain a comprehensive understanding of ISO 37001 and what steps are needed to be certified
  • Learn to articulate the business value of certification
  • Demonstrate the benefits of certification to key stakeholders through guidance from our experts

Why should I consider the ETHIC Intelligence Management Briefing™ ?

If you are struggling to explain the business value of certification to management and executives, or need help facilitating a discussion on certification with other stakeholders, you should consider the ETHIC Intelligence ISO 37001 Management Briefing™.


Tools for certification - 20 March 2018

Why should I consider the ETHIC Intelligence ISO 37001 Quickstart™?

If your organization has a well-developed anti-bribery program you should consider our ETHIC Intelligence ISO 37001 QuickStart™ to begin planning for the certification process.

If you have questions about your level of reparedness, the ETHIC Intelligence ISO 37001 QuickStart™ can help identify potential gaps in your program, and allows us to suggest other services, such as our Readiness Assessment, that may help you further establish your program first.

How does it work?

1. Complete our preliminary Application Questionnaire so we can get a better idea of your organization, goals for certification, business model, and anti-bribery requirements.

2. Receive a tailor-made three-year program that defines the audit scope, and estimated costs.

3. Select sites for audit based on your organization’s size, context, risks and anti-bribery program.

4. Build an auditor team based on your requirements.

5. Learn about our audit and certification methodology.

6. Prepare the necessary documents for review and functions we will interview.

The benefits of ETHIC Intelligence ISO 37001 Quickstart™

  • Gets you a head start on planning the certification and audit process

  • Gets you a first readiness check of your compliance program and where to shift budget and/or resources
  • Helps your organization understand the commitment, costs and value of the ISO 37001 Certification

Tools for certification - 20 March 2018

Preparing for a successful certification

ETHIC Intelligence is committed to ensuring that its Certification Audits are the least disruptive possible for the organization and that any certification process launched has reasonable chances of success.
A pre-audit is a document audit carried out at the headquarters, in the compliance department.
It aims at reviewing the documented information requested by ISO 37001.


The audit is carried out both through remote document review and/or through in-situ evaluation in conjunction with the compliance team.
The Pre-audit report does not make any recommendations on the content of the Anti-Bribery Management System. Rather it assesses whether the documented information analyzed indicates the achievability of successful certification and points out any potential shortcomings. 


The Pre-audit's duration is adapted to the size and complexity of the organization.
As it is partly or entirely executed remotely, the pre-audit is not excessively disruptive for the organization.
If the organization requests a certification audit within the 12-months following the pre-audit, part of the number of days allocated to the pre-audit might be deducted to the number of days estimated for the certification audit.

NB: Some of the pre-audit’s fees can be subtracted from the certification audit fees