Anti-Corruption Certification

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The following links point to the websites of sector initiatives, professional associations, non-governmental, governmental, international and other organizations dedicated either entirely or in part to anti-corruption compliance. These sites provide publications, tools, discussion forums and other resources to help compliance officers in their day to day work.



Websites, initiatives, videos and forums on anti-corruption compliance



Websites and initiatives specific to the Infrastructure, construction and engineering sectors


  • Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre (GIACC) - Independent, not for profit organization providing anti-corruption resources for the infrastructure, construction and engineering sectors.
  • Construction Sector Transparency Initiative (CoST) – International, multi-stakeholder anti-corruption initiative within the construction sector.
  • UK anti-Corruption Forum – Independent organization gathering organizations and companies within the infrastructure, construction and engineering sectors with the objective of creating a business environment free from corruption. The UK Anti-Corruption Forum has issued guidance on preventing corruption which is specific to the infrastructure sector.
  • The Institute of Business Ethics was established in 1986 to encourage high standards of business behavior based on ethical values.Discover the seven main activities of the Institute’s activities.


 Websites and initiatives specific to the extractive industry


Initiatives specific to the banking sector