Anti-Corruption Certification

To get certified

When it comes to anti-corruption certification, experience matters

In 2006, ETHIC Intelligence designed the first anti-corruption compliance standard based on legal requirements and international best practices. Since then, it has certified anti-corruption programs worldwide for companies of all sizes and from many sectors, including that of engineering, defence, telecommunications, banking, construction…

Between 2013 and 2016, ETHIC Intelligence participated in the drafting of both the ISO 19600 (Compliance Management Systems) and the ISO 37001 (Anti-Bribery Management) standards and initiated audits and certifications according to both shortly after their publication.

ETHIC Intelligence offers three different certifications adapted to the maturity, needs and structure of any private, public or not-for-profit legal entity located within or outside of the OECD area.

ETHIC Intelligence Head of Certification helps organizations to choose the certification which is best adapted to their structure, size, maturity and needs. CLICK HERE to see a comparative table presenting the details of the four certificates.


A certification which includes:

  • A report with the auditor’s findings
  • A report describing your organization’s Anti-Bribery Management System

A certification which includes:

  • A detailed report describing your organization’s compliance program according to applicable legal requirements and best practices
  • Three opinion letters from international lawyers based on the auditor’s report

ETHIC Intelligence Pre-Audit™

An audit certificate which includes:

  • A detailed report of your Anti-corruption compliance program
  • An identification of aspects to be improved
  • May include three opinion letters from international lawyers