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Type of standard:

  • Business assurance
  • Terms of reference are updated regularly following the evolution of international best practices.


  • The Anti-Corruption Compliance Program Certification was developed by ETHIC Intelligence in 2005 based on legal requirements formulated by different jurisdictions.


  • Private organizations: the company at large, a business unit or a subsidiary


  • Anti-corruption compliance program
  • Program design at the headquarters level

Report content:

  • A detailed descriptive report of the compliance system under review
  • A benchmark of the compliance program according to the company’s risks and business model

Validity of the certification process:

The audit is carried out by ETHIC Intelligence accredited auditors

  • The descriptive report is reviewed by the compliance analyst department
  • The anti-corruption compliance program described in the report is evaluated by the ETHIC Intelligence Certification Committee

Certificate awarding:

  • ETHIC Intelligence Certification Committee awards the “Anti-Corruption Compliance Program Certificate”

Independent legal review :

  • The detailed certification report is sent to three independent lawyers for a legal appraisal

Certificate’s validity period:

  • 3 years

Surveillance audits:

  •  Every year, with an exchange of information the first year and an in situ visit the second year

Why choose this certification?

  • To ensure that an organization’s anti-corruption compliance program meets legal requirements and international best practices
  • To obtain strong legal assurance in an always-evolving landscape
  • To allow for a profitable exchange between an organization’s compliance department and ETHIC Intelligence experts.
Our added value
  • ETHIC Intelligence is a certification agency focussed on anti-corruption compliance
  • ETHIC Intelligence auditors have unique know-how in anti-corruption compliance
  • ETHIC Intelligence Certification Committee is comprised of internationally renowned lawyers specialized in anti-corruption related issues.


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