Anti-Corruption Certification

To get certified

2017 ISO 19600






Type of standard:

  • Management system standard
  • Terms of reference define guidelines to be met by organizations to obtain an ISO 19600 audit certificate


  • ISO 19600 was published in 2014


  • Private organizations: the company at large, a business unit or a subsidiary
  • Public organizations: administration, service, political party…
  • Not-for-profit organizations: NGOs, charities, foundations, associations…


  • This certificate can be applied or extended to any compliance system: data privacy, money laundering etc., but at ETHIC Intelligence, we usually consider the anti-bribery management system only.
  • Program design and implementation is audited:
    • at the headquarters
    • in a sample of locations where the operations are conducted

Report content:

  • A detailed report of the compliance system under review
  • A gap analysis of the company’s compliance system according to the guidelines

Validity of the certification process:

  • The audit process follows the ISO/IEC 17021-1 & 9 rules applicable to certification bodies

Certificate awarding:

  • The Technical Committee verifies that organizations follow guidelines and awards the “ISO 19600 Audit Certificate by ETHIC Intelligence”

Independent legal review :

  • Organizations can request that the detailed report be sent to three independent lawyers for a legal appraisal

Certificate’s validity period:

  • 1 - 3 years, depending on the organization’s request

Surveillance audits: 

  • If the organization requests a certificate whose validity period extends over a year, then a limited in-situ audit will take place every year

Why choose this certification?

  • To demonstrate that an organization‘s compliance system meets the ISO 19600 guidelines
  • Since the ISO 19600’s audit is carried out according to guidelines and not according to requirements, the audit is not a pass or fail exercise but an assessment of how closely an organization’s compliance program follows guidelines
  • Because ISO 19600 audit guidelines are similar to ISO 37001 requirements, an organization may start with the ISO 19600 audit to optimize its chances of achieving an ISO 37001 certification

Why is ETHIC Intelligence the best choice for your organization’s certification?

  • ETHIC Intelligence participated in the drafting of the ISO 19600 standard
  • Philippe Montigny, founder of ETHIC Intelligence and Chairman of the Technical and Impartiality committees, was the ISO Liaison Officer between ISO 37001 and ISO 19600
  • ETHIC Intelligence abides by the highest professional standards including the ISO/IEC 17021-1 & 9 applicable to certification bodies