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Type of standard:

  • Management system standard
  • Terms of reference define requirements to be met by organizations for certification


  • Anti-Bribery Management System ISO 37001 was published in 2016


  • Private organizations: the company at large, a business unit or a subsidiary
  • Public organizations, administration, service, political party ...
  • Not-for-profit organizations: NGOs, charities, foundations, associations....


  • Anti-Bribery Management System: how it is designed, implemented and controlled and how it can be improved according to the organization’s specific context and bribery risks
  • It does not address: fraud, cartels, money laundering….
  • Program design and implementation is audited:
    • at the headquarters
    • in a sample of locations where the operations are conducted

Report content:

  • A detailed descriptive report of the organization’s anti-bribery management system
  • A list of findings identifying non-conformities, observations…

Validity of the certification process:

  • The audit process follows the ISO/IEC 17021-1 & 9 rules applicable to certification bodies.

Certificate awarding:

  • The Technical Committee verifies that certification requirements are met and awards certification
  • The company receives an “ISO 37001 Premium Certificate” from ETHIC Intelligence

Independent legal review:

  • The detailed audit report is sent to three independent lawyers for a legal appraisal

Certificate’s validity period:

  • 3 years

Surveillance audits:

  • Every year with a (limited) in-situ audit

How is the ISO 37001 Premium certification unique?

  • ISO 37001 Premium demonstrates that an organization has implemented a strength Anti-Bribery Management System using an internationally recognized method.
  • It provides organizations with additional legal reviews from specialized lawyers regarding areas of improvement for an organization’s anti-bribery management system.
  • Each legal review addresses the organization’s structural and occupational specificities and needs.

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