Anti-Corruption Certification

To get certified

Step 1: Preliminary assessment

To ensure that organizations only engage in certification processes which have a reasonable chance of success, ETHIC Intelligence carries out a remote preliminary assessment that defines an audit perimeter and/or selects an appropriate certificate.

The agency might also suggest that an organization execute a preliminary ETHIC Intelligence Readiness AssessmentTM or a pre-audit to favour a smooth certification process.

Step 2: Preparatory Audit (Stage 1)

A conference call organized at least three weeks prior to the on-site audit, guarantees its maximum efficiency in the least disruptive way possible for the company, by: 

  • defining the audit plan
  • agreeing on general documented information that must be reviewed by the Lead Auditor prior to the in-situ audit
  • identifying staff for interview
  • preparing audit logistics

Step 3: In-Situ Audit (Stage 2)

The audit starts with a certification kick-off meeting to validate the audit plan and sort out organizational issues. It continues with on-site interviews, document review and ends with a closing meeting, during which auditors summarize their findings and respond to queries.

With respect to certification audits, ETHIC Intelligence uses a publicly available table which indicates the average amount of days that should be devoted to the process.

Step 4: Report and certification

The auditor describes and analyzes the anti-bribery management system in a report, which is in turn examined by the Technical Committee. The result and findings of the certification process are then communicated to the organization.

Step 5: Surveillance audit and monitoring

For a three-year certification process, a surveillance audit is organized every year to address the findings identified in the initial certification report.


Why is ETHIC Intelligence the best choice for your organization’s certification?

  • ETHIC Intelligence participated in the drafting of the ISO 37001 standard
  • ETHIC Intelligence’s auditors have a unique expertise in anti-corruption programs
  • ETHIC Intelligence abides by the highest professional standards including the ISO/IEC 17021-1 & 9 applicable to certification bodies