Anti-Corruption Certification

To get certified

ETHIC Intelligence auditors: a demonstrated experience in anti-corruption

ETHIC Intelligence certified auditors are selected for their experience in anti-corruption management systems.
All auditors have been trained through a specific ETHIC Intelligence five-day training session concluded by a test, devoted to:

  • anti-corruption issues: legal framework, recent case law, best practices
  • ISO 37001 requirements and ISO 19600 guidelines
  • audit techniques and evaluation processes

Every certified auditor must also attend a yearly training delivered by ETHIC Intelligence on anti-corruption trends and emerging best practices.

ETHIC Intelligence Lead Auditors are senior auditors experienced in audit and team management? They coordinate multi-site audits worldwide.

ETHIC Intelligence auditors: a worldwide presence

ETHIC Intelligence auditors are based on every continent and can audit in many languages.

This international presence allows ETHIC Intelligence to respond appropriately:

  • to organizations in every country
  • to large multinationals that may benefit from a cost efficient multi-site audit 

ETHIC Intelligence auditors: a guarantee of absence of conflicts of interest

Auditors’ independence is key to the certification’s legitimacy.

Prior to any audit ETHIC Intelligence auditors must sign a declaration of absence of conflict of interest.

Auditors’ names are provided to the organization applying for certification prior to the audit, to enable the company to verify the absence of conflict of interest.

A whistleblowing system is available for anyone who wishes to declare any situation believed to represent a conflict of interest. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.