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ETHIC Intelligence in the news - 18 November 2017

Slovenia Times 300x300Business, 18 Nov / By Sta

Ljubljana – The Bank Asset Management Company (BAMC) has obtained a top-level certificate for corruption prevention from international agency Ethic Intelligence, thus becoming the only company in Slovenia with the Anti-corruption Compliance System Certificate.

BAMC’s programme for corruption prevention received the Ethic Intelligence’s certificate of compliance in 2015, BAMC said earlier this week. The full Anti-corruption Compliance System Certificate followed this autumn after an intensive several-month programme.

ETHIC Intelligence in the news - 03 February 2017

2017 Logo Decideurs Strategie Finance Droit 300x101Coup de massue dans le dossier Volkswagen: le Bureau fédéral d’investigation (FBI) américain a arrêté un compliance officer présumé coupable d’avoir organisé la fraude aux émissions de carbone. Et si la sécurité des entreprises passait par la mise en cause pénale de ces professionnels chargés de la conformité?

“Il est impératif que le compliance officer soit exempt de conflits d’intérêts. S’il est partagé entre le contrôle du respect de la réglementation et la mise en oeuvre des opérations, il manquera d’indépendance pour rapporter au comité de direction les éventuels dysfonctionnements.”

ETHIC Intelligence in the news - 13 January 2017

2017 Les Echos Business logo 300x136Valerie Landrieu, Journaliste


Dans un contexte marqué par la récente affaire LuxLeaks , la 5e édition du baromètre La Poste – le Cercle Ethique des affaires met en évidence un recul du niveau de confiance des salariés. Sur le terrain, principalement dans les grandes entreprises, des dispositifs sont en place. Il reste à communiquer et à former plus largement en interne.

ETHIC Intelligence in the news - 06 December 2016

estevalPhilippe Montigny, président, ETHIC Intelligence – Anne Le Rolland, PDG d’ACTE International analysent la loi Sapin II et le Standard ISO 37001.

Du « pain sur la planche » pour les entreprises françaises…

La loi Sapin 2, relative à la transparence économique, la lutte contre la corruption et la modernisation de la vie économique, a été adoptée définitivement par l’Assemblée Nationale le 8 novembre 2016. Cette loi touche à différents aspects de lutte contre la corruption avec notamment un renforcement de la protection des lanceurs d’alertes ou la création d’un registre des lobbyistes.

ETHIC Intelligence in the news - 14 October 2016

2016 Decideurs magazine smaller redimTransparence, lutte contre la corruption et modernisation de la vie économique, le projet de loi Sapin II prévoit de nouvelles mesures concernant les entreprises. Symboliques ou contraignantes, elles ne devraient pas bouleverser le quotidien des grandes entreprises.

Philippe Montigny, président, ETHIC Intelligence – Guillaume Forbin, avocat associé, ALTANA, – Philippe Goossens, avocat associé, ALTANA – Mathias Hasday, directeur juridique, VEOLIA Environnement – Nicola Bonucci, directeur des affaires juridiques, OCDE – Jérôme Gandon, directeur juridique, ARKEMA analysent le projet de Loi Sapin II.

ETHIC Intelligence in the news - 01 April 2016

acfe redimIn order to keep up with global fraud trends, fraud fighters must be determined to persevere. As a mountain climber, former diplomat and current CEO, Philippe Montigny forged his sense of determination and perseverance “while climbing the Alps, Himalayas, Atlas Mountains, those of Lebanon, as well as the volcanoes of East Africa.” As CEO of ETHIC Intelligence, Montigny may no longer have the time to physically climb mountains, but he is moving them in the anti-fraud field by expanding ETHIC Intelligence’s anti-corruption footprint on every continent.

ETHIC Intelligence in the news - 04 February 2016

CCI Logo3 300x90Can the same standard really apply to all companies?

Yes — but it depends on how the standard is applied and how compliance programs are evaluated.

Faced with a large number of anti-corruption compliance guidance on the one hand and with a pressing need to strengthen their reputation and public trust on the other, companies are increasingly considering third-party certification of their anti-corruption compliance programs. As a result, several organizations have developed standards and evaluation methodologies to address this need. The latest has taken the form of an overall compliance management system set of guidelines issued by the ISO (ISO 19600:2014) and a certifiable ISO standard specific to anti-corruption compliance (ISO 37001), which will most likely be published at the end of this year.

ETHIC Intelligence in the news - 03 February 2015

Cover BUCO 01 02 2016 SI DS redimAlexandra Almy, Certification Manager at ETHIC Intelligence, recently participated in a round table discussion with other experts on benchmarking corporate anti-corruption processes and best practices following the growth of the industry. – Alexandra is joined by Philippa Foster Back, CBE and Director of the Institute of Business Ethics, Marc Compton, Scott Killingsworth, Klaus Moosmayer and Anthony Smith-Meyer all of whom are Editorial Board members of the Business Compliance Journal.

ETHIC Intelligence in the news - 16 November 2012

the times logo redimA team of ‘ethics doctors’ was appointed yesterday to review anti-corruption procedures at EADS, the European aerospace and defence group, following the launch of the second criminal investigation into allegations of bribing officials to win orders.

The wounded giant, still reeling after last month’s failed merger attempt with the British defence contractor BAE Systems, pledged to make the findings public.

It has hired consultants from ETHIC Intelligence, a company formed by Philippe Montigny, formerly of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and one of the authors of its anti-corruption convention.

ETHIC Intelligence in the news - 15 November 2012

Financial Times logo 300x168EADS, the pan-European aerospace and defence company, has launched an external assessment of its compliance systems after finding itself at the centre of two criminal probes over whether it bribed foreign officials to win defence contracts.

The company also admitted on Thursday that it had reacted too slowly to an internal whistle-blower’s concerns about questionable payments made by its subsidiary operating in Saudi Arabia, though it said internal audits found no impropriety.

Ethic Intelligence, a certification agency specialising in anti-corruption compliance programmes, is to conduct the review and initial results could become public as early as February, EADS said in a statement.

ETHIC Intelligence in the news - 23 November 2010

Raconteur logo 300x300OVERVIEW: Business ethics involves much more than simply complying with the law. It involves taking positive measures to promote integrity which go beyond merely avoiding illegality, writes Peter Archer.

In a testing economic climate, the temptation may be to cut costs at the expense of ethical standards. Similarly, companies may be tempted to seek a short-term business advantage through bribery or other corrupt dealings.

But, from next April, companies registered in the UK will face stringent new requirements of openness and propriety under the far-reaching provisions of the Bribery Act. Harsh penalties await transgressors.

Comply with the law or face the consequences may be a strong motivator, but there are other compelling reasons for upholding high standards of conduct.

ETHIC Intelligence in the news - 18 May 2010

Raconteur logo 300x300BEST PRACTICE: Businesses face an unprecedented challenge to survive in an increasingly hostile economic climate while maintaining high ethical standards.

Declared ethical principles in business are laudable but words are cheap. What really matters is whether – and how – an organisation translates ethical standards and corporate social responsibility into standard business practice.

Even when there is a will to “walk the walk”, as well as “talk the talk”, commercial pressures can be overwhelming.

But the pressure is also on for companies to guarantee business ethics, and to root out and fire corrupt employees who pay bribes. Apart from moral considerations, punitive action by the state is getting tougher.

What is understood by business ethics is a question which would test a moral philosopher. However, business ethics can be defined as the application of ethical values to business behaviour.