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Adopted on December 2016, the Sapin II Law introduced a number of changes to the French anti-corruption framework. The three major innovations were the creation of a new anti-corruption authority (Agence Française anti-corruption or AFA), new compliance duties placed on certain organizations and the introduction of “Conventions Judiciaire d’Intérêt Public (“CJIPs”)” – or French Deferred Prosecution Agreements (“DPAs”). In February 2018, the first “CJIPs” were entered into for corruption charges between the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Nanterre and two French companies. Both cases represent a major breakthrough as they are the first negotiated outcomes reached in the conte of an investigation for corruption, which lies behind the adoption of the Sapin II Law.

Get the latest insights on:

  • The First Audits of The French Anti-Corruption Agency (Agence Française Anti-Corruption)
  • Sapin 2 Law’s Anti-Corruption System and the First French Deferred Prosecution Agreement (CJIP)
  • Criminal Liability of the Compliance Officer
  • The Impact of Law Sapin II in Transnational Corruption Cases
  • What Makes an Efficient Compliance Programme? A View from the French Anti-Corruption Agency (AFA)


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