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International experts - 26 January 2012
Charlie Monteith
Architect of the UK Bribery Act and current member of the ETHIC Intelligence certification committee. -

What was your role in drafting the UK Bribery Act and Guidance?

The UK Law Commission (LC) was tasked with drafting a suitable Bribery Act. I was part of the LC Advisory Panel. Originally, it was to be for a new Corruption Act but that was the first thing we ditched because bribery is easier to define than corruption.

International experts - 23 January 2012
Dominique Lamoureux
VP Ethics and Corporate Responsibility at Thales -

Major companies in the defense and aerospace industry have adopted the « Global Principles of Business Ethics”. What are they and how do they contribute to the field?

The Global Principles of Business Ethics is an initiative launched by both the Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIA) and the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD).

International experts - 10 January 2012
Sidney Vianna
Director of Aviation Space & Defense Services for DNV Business Services North America -

How are corruption issues seen in Brazil today?

For the last few years, the Brazilian society has been voicing their collective dissatisfaction with continual cases of endemic corruption, especially the ones emanating from the political bodies. After finally ascending to power in the early 2000’s, the Labor Party was expected to bring a higher level of ethics to the way government (at all levels; federal, state, municipal, etc.) conducts itself.


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