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Since ETHIC Intelligence developed its certification activity in 2006, it has been organizing an annual meeting in London called “Excellence in Compliance Day” for the chief compliance officers of certified companies, the accredited auditors as well as the lawyers from the ETHIC Intelligence Certification Committee.

On the 10th anniversary of its certification activity in 2016, ETHIC Intelligence decided to open this conference to all compliance professionals and legal experts in the domain. It is an opportunity to exchange on emerging best practices and other developments in corruption prevention.


DRAGO KOS, Chairman of the Working Group of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention Discussion with Drago Kos, Chair of the OECD Working Group Astrid Mignon Colombet, Managing Partner at Soulez Lariviere and negotiated settlements Panel discussion on negotiated settlements Stéphanie Fougou of ACCOR speaks to the use of guidelines in corruption prevention Panel discussion on whether guidelines simplify or complicate compliance Neill Stansbury discusses the utility of ISO 37001 certification Neill Stansbury and Philippe Montigny talk about the work of the GIACC Richard Bistrong on the human factor of corruption Panel discussion - Corruption: the Human Factor Wendy Addison, CEO of SpeakOut SpeakUp and whistleblower

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