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2018 OECD logoThe Parties to the Convention on Combating Bribery of Public Officials in International Business Transactions (henceforth, the Convention) have committed to enforcing their foreign bribery laws and to cooperating with each other in the fight against foreign bribery. This report sheds light on how they have been living up to these commitments in the area of enforcement of anti-bribery laws.

→ Countries appear to be cooperating more on foreign bribery cases, with press releases showing more than 40% of the resolutions in US foreign bribery cases involved co-operation with foreign law enforcement agencies, well up from 10 years ago.

→ Three countries adopted key law reforms that are expected to support more effective antibribery law enforcement. Reforms include the introduction of negotiated settlements, broadened jurisdiction, enhanced whistle-blowers’ protection and amended laws on the liability of legal persons.

→ Two countries – Austria and Israel – were added to the list of WGB members that have imposed sanctions for foreign bribery. Nevertheless, 22 WGB members have never imposed a sanction for foreign bribery.


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