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2017 Wildly successful workbook V2Written by Kristy Grant-Hart (Spark Compliance Consulting) with Donna Boehme (Compliance Strategists LLC), Brentham House Publishing Company Limited


Learn the secrets of strategy and planning to become an in-demand business asset

This book was written to help you create a winning strategy for your compliance program, and to generate a way to sell your ideas so you get buy-in from the business. We want you to have the experience of being a tremendously successful professional, and this workbook will help you to do it.

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SPARK Compliance Consulting

Spark Compliance Consulting is a unique consulting company focusing on the empowerment of the compliance function within business operations and the importance of establishing and maintaining an ethical culture. Spark Compliance focuses on providing RESULTS to compliance and ethics programs, taking into account each organization’s unique objectives, culture, and way of doing business in order to ensure that solutions are effectively implemented and maintained over the long-term.



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