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2018 OECD logoOn 16 March 2016, the OECD will host a Ministerial Meeting on the Anti-Bribery Convention at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris.


Ministers from all 41 State Parties to the Anti-Bribery Convention and ministers from key partner countries are participating, along with the heads of other international organisations and leaders from the private sector and civil society. The meeting will be chaired by Andrea Orlando, Italian Minister of Justice (welcome message).

The ministerial meeting will provide a unique platform to discuss measures to strengthen implementation of the Anti-Bribery Convention. The meeting will also be an opportunity to exchange ideas on combating foreign bribery and emerging issues. Particular focus points will include:

As well as providing support and vision to the future activities of the OECD Working Group on Bribery (WGB), this event will provide an opportunity to recognise the many accomplishments of the first three phases of monitoring, to formally launch Phase 4 of the monitoring process and to encourage key non-signatory countries to adhere to the Convention and join the WGB.



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