Anti-Corruption Certification

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G20 toolkitThe G20 Anti-corruption Working Group is a standing committee of the G20. G20 leaders established it at the Toronto Summit in 2010 in recognition of the significant negative impact of corruption on economic growth, trade and development. Since then, the work of the ACWG has been guided by two-year action plans that include commitments by G20 countries to ratify and implement the United Nations Convention against Corruption, criminalize and prosecute foreign bribery, and cooperate with other countries to investigate, prosecute and return the proceeds of corruption.






The purpose of the Toolkit is to help companies manage their risk of corruption. It will address issues including:

  • What is corruption?
  • How do I satisfy the demands of my international partners?
  • How do I protect my company?
  • How do I get training for me and my colleagues?
  • How do I resist corruption?
  • Where can I get more information?
  • How can I help fight corruption?


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