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Main authors: Fritz Heimann, Claudia J. Dumas, and Shruti Shah

Contributing authors: Laura B. Sherman and Michael Fine


Report: Verification of Anti-Corruption Compliance Programs

Although an increasing number of companies are investing resources to assess whether their anti-corruption programs are working effectively, there has not been a detailed review of the most commonly used methods of compliance verification, or a distillation of lessons that can be learned from such an analysis. This report is the project of such an assessment and contains recommendations for companies to use for anti-corruption compliance verification. It is also a call to action to companies to take a leadership role in fighting corruption by getting their own house in order, taking charge of their compliance programs, and dedicating adequate resources to determine the effectiveness of their programs. ETHIC Intelligence is pleased to note that its anti-corruption compliance certification process respects the report’s recommendations including:

  • An absence of conflict of interest on the part of the certifying body (1)
  • A risk-based approach (2)
  • Independent external reviews on a regularly planned basis (3)
  • Public disclosures on the anti-corruption program (4)
  • Need for the clear definition of scope of review on which a certificate is based


(1) Each certification process is carried out by three complementary actors: the Monitor, the Auditor and the Certification Committee.

The objective of this complementarity is to:

  • Avoid conflicts of interest that could lead to “undue” certification;
  • Rely on different but complementary expertise; and
  • Adjust certification to ever-evolving best practices


(2) In Part 1 of the Certification Report (Corruption Risk Assessment), the Auditor evaluates an organization’s risk using the following three categories:

  • Objective risks
  • Business risks
  • Strategic risks


(3) Ethic Intelligence Anti-corruption Compliance System Certification is awarded for a period of two years, after which organizations wishing to maintain certification are required to apply for renewal.

(4) Organizations which obtain Certification are required to display the Certificate’s logo and explanation in a governance-related section of their website.


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