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Paris, France

Continuing on from the success of its previous training sessions on the ISO standards 37001 and 19600, in Paris, Dubai, Casablanca and Milan, ETHIC Intelligence, in partnership with Deloitte and Arctic Intelligence in Singapore and Murphy & McGonigle and Robertson Park as guest expert in Washington, is pleased to announce an ISO 19600 & ISO 37001 training session in Singapore from April 2 to 6 and in Washington from April 16 to 20th.

The ISO 19600 on Compliance Management Systems and the ISO 37001 on Anti-Bribery Management Systems were designed and published to encourage companies to respect international guidelines and recommendations, as well as requirements in the case of ISO 37001, on the most effective and compliant way to conduct international business particularly as it pertains to the prevention of bribery in the case of ISO 37001.


These sessions are a wonderful opportunity for corporate compliance executives as well as external auditors to exchange and debate the best ways to respect the recommendations and meet the requirements of the two standards.


For more information on this event please write us or download the brochure here.



By ETHIC Intelligence