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ETHIC Intelligence is pleased to announce the launch of its Corruption Risk Mapping Tool.

As the basis for all effective and proportionate corruption prevention systems, the risk assessment has become the indisputable first step in a corporate anti-corruption policy.

This corruption risk asssessment was designed by ETHIC Intelligence experts and respects the recommendations and guidelines of the US FCPA Resource Guide, the UK Bribery Act, the French Sapin II law....

Completion of this assessment does not contribute to an ETHIC Intelligence ISO 37001 certification audit. Auditors will  examine the asessment to ensure that it reflects the organization's risks in terms of management and operations.    

ETHIC Intelligence’s on-line risk mapping allows companies to set their own scope and identify real risks based on their activities and the geographic locations of their operations.

Download the ETHIC Intelligence Risk Assessment today and begin the process of implementing international best practices in anti-corruption compliance.



By ETHIC Intelligence