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2017 CIE logoParis, France, June 20, 2017

The Compagnie Ivoirienne d’Electricité (Ivoirian Electricity Company) has implemented a compliance management system according to the ISO 19600: 2014 standard

The President of the ETHIC Intelligence Certification Committee, Philippe Montigny, attests that, following an audit conducted in April 2017, the Ivoirian Electricity Company has implemented a compliance management system in accordance with the ISO 19600: 2014 standard and includes:


  • Prevention of corruption, conflicts of interest and fraud
  • Professionalism in the workplace, with integrity and respect for all people
  • Environmental protection.

The ISO 19600: 2014 standard is a set of guidelines which enables organizations to develop, implement, evaluate and improve compliance management systems.

The Ivoirian Electricity Company is also the first company from the Ivory Coast to have developed and had audited its compliance management system.

In 2006, ETHIC Intelligence became the first certification agency to offer organizations the possibility of certifying their anti-corruption compliance procedures. ETHIC Intelligence participated in the drafting of the ISO 19600 published in 2014 and the ISO 37001 on anti-bribery management systems published in 2016.

This press release is availabe in French here


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