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ETHIC Intelligence, agency specialized in certifying excellence in anti-corruption compliance, is pleased to announce the tenth anniversary of its activity. ETHIC Intelligence is proud of its commitment to offering a certification process, which enables companies to integrate appropriate, effective compliance processes into their overall business strategy.

“We would like to thank our partners and our clients for the successes that ETHIC Intelligence has enjoyed over the past 10 years,” said Philippe Montigny, President and founder. “Our clients’ success is, and will continue to be, our success. This milestone is a testament to ETHIC Intelligence’s commitment to offering compliance solutions, which contribute to a company’s sustainable development. I am very optimistic about the future of our activity.“

Companies from very different sectors including engineering, space, defense, and telecoms located in various countries throughout the world have benefited from ETHIC Intelligence Certification and are actively contributing to levelling the playing field and promoting anti-corruption compliance.

Since 2006, ETHIC Intelligence has built the reputation as an Anti-corruption compliance certification leader. Its terms of reference, based on all legal requirements (US, UK, etc.…), professional guidelines (ICC…) and corporate best practices are updated continuously to reflect evolving international standards, legislation and guidelines.

Once the ISO 37001 Standard on Anti-Bribery is published – likely before the end of 2016 – it will be incorporated into the ETHIC Intelligence Terms of Reference. It will then be possible for a single audit towards ETHIC Intelligence certification to result in both ETHIC Intelligence and ISO 37001 certifications.

As ETHIC Intelligence prepares for the future it is committed to devising new strategies and products to meet clients’ expectations and needs. Our Risk Assessment methodology helps clients to determine company-specific corruption risks while the Benchmarking process identifies key components of the compliance program to best mitigate risk and gap analysis against international standards. This tool has proven effective for companies interested in preparing for anti-corruption certification.

In addition, ETHIC Intelligence regularly carries out training sessions specific to Anti-corruption compliance. Training sessions are tailored to company specificities and the profile of the participants (executive committees, boards of directors, country managers, compliance officers, legal, audit, etc.). Companies may request training session topics specific to their needs. ETHIC Intelligence training courses have, time and again, received highly positive evaluations from trainees and organizers.

For more information on the company’s vision of Anti-corruption compliance, please visit ETHIC Intelligence website.


ETHIC Intelligence is delighted to share its experience in a workshop entitled “Anti-corruption Compliance: Standards and Guidelines – 10 years’ experience” which will be held on September 13, 2016 at the OECD Conference Center.


By ETHIC Intelligence