Anti-Corruption Certification

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Schneider Electric logoParis, France – June 1st, 2018


Today, ETHIC Intelligence awarded an Anti-Corruption Compliance System Certificate to Schneider Electric Middle East for the robustness of its Anti-Corruption Compliance System.

The certification has been awarded upon the result of an audit conducted at the Headquarters of the Zone, in Dubai, United Emirates and in two hubs: Ryad, Saudi Arabia and Istanbul, Turkey. The audit was conducted by an ETHIC Intelligence audit team who has a specialty in anti-corruption compliance.

Schneider Electric has established and implemented an anti-corruption compliance system which is mitigating its corruption risks and which is understood and known within the zone.

In 2006, ETHIC Intelligence became the first certification agency to offer organizations the possibility of certifying their anti-corruption compliance procedures. ETHIC Intelligence developed the ETHIC Intelligence terms of reference who gather all the international and national laws and guidelines relative to the implementation of an anti-corruption compliance system.