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International experts - Published: 17 September 2018
Emmanuel Breen
Professor at the International Anti-Corruption Academy - Vienna, Austria

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What do others do? Where do I stand as compared to other companies in my sector? Can you provide me with benchmark data? Those were recurrent questions that I was asked as a Paris-based FCPA lawyer and academic.

 Now heading the Research and Science department of the International Anti-Corruption Academy in Laxenburg (Vienna), I am setting myself to creating a database of key figures on corporate compliance programs globally.

This benchmark project is the continuation of a survey of French CCOs that I had conducted in 2015, together with Antoinette Gutierrez-Crespin (Partner at EY Paris – Forensic, Corporate Integrity & Compliance Department) (see here). The challenge today for me is to go one step further by taking a quantitative and transnational approach.

After months of preparation, the project is now up and running, with the invaluable support of the Siemens Integrity initiative and of an incredible project team here at IACA. The questionnaire may be consulted through this link. The aim is to create an ongoing, evolving, and freely accessible database, potentially benefitting the entire compliance community worldwide.

Data is starting to kick in from each of the 8 countries that we have selected for this first phase (Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, Russian Federation, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States of America), which is great news and tells a lot about the dedication and sense of public interest of compliance professionals.

But we still need more responses before the end of September to reach the stage where we will be able to provide meaningful aggregated data and comparisons!

If you think that your company could be in a position to answer the questionnaire, or that you might be able to put us in contact with potential respondents, please simple send me an email, and we will take it from there (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Thank you so much to Philippe Montigny and ETHIC Intelligence for hosting this post. With their and everybody’s support I will hopefully be able to update you further in a few weeks on this Experts’ Corner about our first findings!

Emmanuel is professor at the International Anti-Corruption Academy.

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