Anti-Corruption Certification

To get certified

Get ready for certification

ETHIC Intelligence tools help compliance officers ensure that their compliance program meets certification requirements

An interactive meeting with an ETHIC Intelligence expert which helps organizations:

  • identify their specific corruption risk
  • benchmark their compliance program according to their risk


A paper audit organized within the compliance department which helps organizations:

  • Examine the organization’s documented information
  • Assess its level of readiness for certification, prior to launching an in-situ audit at the operational level

A downloadable ETHIC Intelligence corruption risk- mapping handbook which uses the ETHIC Intelligence methodology to help organizations:

  • Fill-in a self-evaluation of their corruption risk

An interactive meeting which:

  • Walks organizations through the ISO 37001 standard step by step
  • Benchmarks the organization’s management system
  • Identifies potential gaps to be filled before certification