Anti-Corruption Certification

To get certified

Preparing for a successful certification

ETHIC Intelligence is committed to ensuring that its Certification Audits are the least disruptive possible for the organization and that any certification process launched has reasonable chances of success.
A mock audit is a paper audit carried out at the headquarters, in the compliance department.
It aims at reviewing the documented information requested by ISO 37001.


The audit is carried out both through remote document review and/or through in-situ evaluation in conjunction with the compliance team.
The mock audit report does not make any recommendations on the content of the Anti-Bribery Management System. Rather it assesses whether the documented information analyzed indicates the achievability of successful certification and points out any potential shortcomings. 


The Mock audit's duration is adapted to the size and complexity of the organization.
As it is partly or entirely executed remotely, the mock audit is not excessively disruptive for the organization.
If the organization requests a certification audit within the 12-months following the mock audit, part of the number of days allocated to the mock audit might be deducted to the number of days estimated for the certification audit.

(See table of days needed per step of the audit process depending on the size of the organization)

NB: Some of the mock audit’s fees can be subtracted from the certification audit fees