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Building consensus on corruption risks and compliance needs

To ensure a common understanding of corruption risks among management, whether within a company or within a subsidiary, ETHIC Intelligence has designed an interactive tool that allows for an efficient consensus building with executives.

Through an in-situ or a Webex seminar, an ETHIC Intelligence senior expert details, through examples and case law, the 17 corruption risks constituting the ETHIC Intelligence Risk Mapping.

For each risk, the expert leads a discussion among the executives; this discussion’s aim is to reach an agreement on whether the risk is non-existent, low, medium or high.

For every risk the expert then leads a second debate to assess whether the necessary compliance tools exist and if so, whether they are adequate.


To be efficient, the seminar requires that the main executive representatives of the company’s activity be present: business development, finance, legal, audit, human resources…

The seminar is supported by an ETHIC Intelligence presentation and each participant is given the ETHIC Intelligence Risk Assessment and Compliance Benchmarking document, on which he can take notes.

A participant is given the digital version of the handbook, enabling him to document the company’s risk assessment and detail the identified compliance needs.

The seminar can start, if desired, with an ETHIC Intelligence presentation on recent trends in anti-corruption legislation and case law.


The seminar is usually held over one day as an in-situ seminar.

To accommodate people with remote subsidiaries or operations, the seminar can also be held via Webex.

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